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Our new baby Muchkin Our new baby Muchkin
Munchkin is probably one of the most interesting cats to come into my life. We have always like walking on local trails. On a rather warm March, after a cat came out of the boardwalk below us and would not leave Maria alone. We continued our walk on and she stays by us all the way, having two cats already we weren't sure about taking her with us. She came home with us and the rest is a lesson in bringing home strays with cats already in the house. When we lost Dani and Whiskers she became queen of her domain and developed a bond with Maria, who is her human now. Munchkin has even proved she's willing to protect Maria when by herself at home. Someone knocks on the door Munchkin will growl and hiss at whoever it is. She doesn't want the rest of the world knowing what a cuddling cat she for her humans.