Maria's Designs

Her Journey's of Learning and Michigan favorites.

I love the Upper Peninsula. I was born in  the Upper Peninsula.  My dad was a dredger to look for Cooper Ore in the lakes up there. Loved to go rock picking on Lake Superior. Our Grandma

Poisson would sit on shore on the rocks and throw her fish line out and was smoking a cigar lol, I love Aggets beautiful rocks.  We used to go to our other Grand mothers who was named Nanny. She ran a restaurant called Totts dinner. She fed all the coal miners. Going up there in winter time for Christmas was quite a drive. Snow along the lake shore line was unbelievable couldn’t hardly see. Lover crossing the mighty Mackinaw Bridge. My grandmother were two different people that is for sure. One house had head cheese in fridge all the time ( yulk) and would go smelt dipping. The other one was very fancy. Had Prime Rib  and had to act a certain way. Loved going to Grandma Poisson better. French Canadian name.

Maria At Old Mission Point